Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interior Paint Color Specialist in Portland Oregon Color Consulting

"Beauty from the inside out" is often a phrase that comes to mind when choosing fabulous colors for people’s homes. I believe, just like how we live our lives for inward beauty naturally, every home can be beautiful from the inside out. As a professional color consultant, Anita Thompson with Interior Spaces specializes in helping her clients choose and place interior wall colors that reflects their taste and enhances the character of their home.

Choosing interior wall colors often scares people and many mistakes can be made just pointing to a small dot of paint on a paint deck and saying, "that one"! Anita with Interior Spaces servicing the Portland Metro area including, Tualatin, West Linn, Tigard, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Vancouver area help her clients achieve their master plan of interior colors a little different way. After a color analysis of what colors they enjoy, what furniture or wood tones they are working around that they have currently, a color pallet can be developed that reflect their personal color combinations as well as enhance the interior of the house they are painting. Once the interview process is completed, Anita then makes up a series of 20" x 30" boards with paint colors that reflect a color pallet for their home. In the second visit these boards help the clients visualize what the color will look like. You are able to put them behind the sofa or wood furniture or kitchen cabinets so the client can see themselves how this color works with their interior surroundings. Clients love this service and it makes them very excited and takes the fear out of choosing new interior colors for their walls.

Once a color pallet has been chosen for the interior paint colors, then we help them place them. Color placement, whether it is color for your living rooms, family rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms or the entire master plan of colors it is equally important where you place the colors on the walls. Anita helps you with placement of the interior wall paint colors by drawing a diagram, or listing it verbally on a specification sheet. How colors are layered depends on the architecture of your home, but makes a great impact on the overall finished look.  Click on this link for photo examples of how different colors can be chosen, yet will flow beautifully one to the other when an overall master plan of color is developed for your home.

For more information give Anita a call at Interior Spaces - 503-692-6077 or visit our website for more information and special offers.

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